7 Of The Most Heartwarming Images Of Animal Rescues During Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma comes just after the devastation of Storm Harvey, cutting a destructive path through the Carribean and much of the Gulf Coast. As it hits Florida, thousands are evacuating and tensions are high.But luckily, that hasn't stopped people from protecting the most helpless members of society. From stories of charities going to Florida to transport shelter animals to safer states, to hotels and hostels lifting restrictions to let families keep their beloved pets with them, we have all seen things that restore our faith in humanity.Here are 7 photos from Irma of some truly heartwarming animal rescues:

1. Dolphins prepare to be airlifted from Cayo Guillermo, Cuba, to a safer area

Source: Osvaldo Gutierrez Gomez/European Pressphoto Agency

2. Gretchen and Ron Levine look after dogs left in their care in Hollywood, Florida

Source: AP

3. Chickens are wrapped securely to make sure they don't fight if they become stressed as they're transported to safety

4. A vulture is lead into a shelter in Miami

Source: Timothy Fadek/ABC News

5. A manatee stranded on land by the storm is rescued in Sarasota

Source: Facebook/Marcelo Clavijo

6. Flamingos in Miami Zoo huddle in a hurricane-proof shelter

Source: Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press

7. Children put their chickens into a shelter before the hurricane in Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Source: Hector Retamal/Agence France-Presse

* * *

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