7 Indispensable Tips For Travelling With Your Dog By Car This Summertime

Andrea A.

Traveling by car with your dog can sometimes be more difficult than it at first seems. Here are some tips and tricks to make these journeys as easy and seamless as possible, particularly with the summer holidays approaching!

1. Travel with them often


Source: The Smart Dog Guide

The more your animal is used to the car, the less likely it is they will get travel sick. It's a great idea to take them on frequent journeys to acclimatize them and to ensure that a long car journey doesn't end in a trip to the veterinary clinic. Start with short journeys to places that the dog enjoys, like parks and beaches. That way, they will become more comfortable with car journeys and will ultimately be less likely to suffer from negative consequences such as diarrhea or vomiting.

2. Be patient


Source: Love That Pet

A young puppy will be more likely to react badly to car journeys than an older dog. Therefore, the best solution is simply to wait until the canine is older. As a puppy, your dog's inner ear will not yet be fully developed meaning that they are more likely to feel unwell in the car.

3. Drive carefully


Source : BarkPost

Twists and turns will be the most problematic part of a journey for your animal. Avoid breaking too quickly and make sure to keep the temperature inside the car at a suitable and comfortable level to make the journey as easy as possible for your pet.

4. Ease your dog in gradually


Source: Wish for Pet

To help your dog grow accustomed to the car it can be useful to ease him into the situation. Start by bringing him into the car and leaving a door open. You can then offer the dog a treat to put them at ease. Next, you can start the engine, without going anywhere, to help your dog grow accustomed to the sound. After that, it is time to begin taking the dog on short trips and gradually increasing their length until they become totally at ease.

5. Safety first


Source  Kurgo

Without a harness or safety belt, a dog can pose dangers to both themselves and the driver. Place them comfortably in the back of the car. For larger dogs, there are special harnesses to keep them safe, especially in the case of an accident. There are also cages and baskets which can help your animal to feel safe and secure in the car.

6. Take breaks


Source: PetMD

It is advised to take breaks every two hours on long journeys. During these stops, take your dog for walks to allow them to stretch their legs as well as giving them water and playing with them for a short while. Never leave your dog alone in the car, even with the windows open, on a hot day and this is extremely dangerous and can even be fatal.

7. Talk to your veterinarian


Source : The Dog Training Secret

Your veterinarian can prescribe medication for travel sickness as a last resort. Different medications will be prescribed for different animals, for example, antihistamines such as Nozevet are not suitable for animals under 2kg. There are also homeopathic treatments which will not have any side effects on the animal. If in doubt, consult a medical professional.

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