7 Essential Steps For Bringing A Cat Into Your Home


Bringing in a cat to your home isn't the moment for improvisation!To make sure your furry friend immediately feels at home, it's best to prepare for her arrival and leave nothing (or as little as possible) to chance. To be organized is to permit your feline to quickly adjust and open up more quickly, while facilitating her education.Here are seven tips which will allow you to offer your feline an optimal welcome:

1. Carefully choose the period of arrival



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The first impression the cat will have of your domicile is incredibly important and will condition his evolution in your family.If you adopt a kitten, keep in mind that he had to leave his mom and brothers and sisters and is probably feeling lonely and disoriented.So that this sensation is relieved quickly, it's important to be available during the first few days to make sure you give him lots of time. It is preferable to organize the welcome during a vacation period or at least before the weekend.

2. Organise his space 


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It's important to realize that cats need four distinct "territories": a zone dedicated to food, another for her "needs" (litter box), one for playing, and one more for sleeping.Determine in advance the corners that will be allotted to these activities. For his sleep, choose an area that is calm and easy to access, avoiding passage ways. Here you can install a bed (a basket, cushion, rug, etc.).Choose another distinct space (in another room, if possible) which will be dedicated to food and where you will leave her water dish. Try and separate this area from the litter box.Your animal will not want to eat close to where she does her business.

3. Determine the play area


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Games are indispensable for his physical adjustment and to keep up his health. It's recommended to leave a scratching post at his disposition.As for placement, it's best to start with it in the living room, or after his arrival, wherever he has determined he likes to scratch. You can also give him a ball or games adapted for cats, making sure of the quality so as not to have any risks.

4. Prepare her transport basket


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To go pick up your cat, make sure to have some sort of transport basket. It's preferable to place some sort of absorbent material in case, because of stress, he has an accident.It is not recommended to hold him at this time: he is most likely anxious and can attempt to escape.

5. Minimise her stress


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You can invest in a special pheromone diffuser for cats if it will help, to install in the principal room where your kitten will spend her time. These sprays help reduce her stress and anxiety which can make her arrival much more agreeable. You can also place a few drops in her transport case.

6. Secure your home 


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Cats are curious and love to play with anything they can find. Keep this in mind, and put away objects of value or at least make sure they're out of her reach. Verify that your house or apartment - especially in his dedicated corner - will not be a danger for your feline, examples include: electronic cords, open windows, toxic products, dangerous utensils, etc.

7. Let him leave his mark


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Once back at the house, open the cage - without forcing him - and show him his dedicated spots, especially the litter box. Let him explore the house without interruption and give him space. Your cat will come to you when he needs it; even if they're independent, cats need affection and hugs.


Source: Instagram/Cats_of_world 

Respect these simple tips, and the arrival of your cat will be smooth and your relationship will start on the best foot. With the holidays coming up, it is important to be reminded that adopting an animal is not a decision to be taken lightly. Although if your decision is well thought out and you choose this time of year to welcome your feline, adopt don't shop! The best thing you can do at the end of the year is to give a second chance at life for a shelter animal.