7 Dog Breeds Who Prove Dynamite Comes In Small Packages


When you mention big, sporty dogs, people tend to see them as outgoing, friendly and social. Labradors and Golden retrievers are popular choices for families love outgoing dogs.But credit needs to be given to small dog breeds that have enormous personalities, too, many of whom are not happy just being lapdogs or accessories. If you're looking to adopt a small dog with a gigantic heart and personality, consider these breeds that the American Kennel Club recommends.

1. Schipperke

This small, fiery dog is known for its confidence and energy. They have a sheepdog origin, so they enjoy being at the center of attention and need to be involved in whatever is happening around them. This breed is an outstanding watchdog and should be supervised around other dogs, because they need to be the boss.


Source: Dogtime

2. Miniature Schnauzer

He is the little brother and much smaller than the larger Schnauzer breeds, but this terrier type is not lacking in spirit. He is known for his rat hunting abilities and is very active and alert. He needs to be supervised around other dogs but is highly adaptable and can live in any type of home, as long as he is near his humans at all times.


Source: The Dogist

3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

These cute and cuddly dogs with the fluffiest butts are well-known for how adorable they look - but people tend to forget that they are ever the extrovert, too! A great mix of intelligent, obedient and agile, these dogs are always ready to go and love getting out with their families. They are also very affectionate and loyal, which is great for families that have small children or love to cuddle their pups.


Source: The Dogist

4. Boston Terrier

This little dog loves being a class clown, being at the center of attention and being pet, loved and laughed at. Boston terriers might be small, but they definitely march to the beat of their own drum and steal the hearts of everyone they meet thanks to their playful and energetic personalities.


Source: The Dogist

5. Brussels Griffon

This toy breed's personality is definitely not toy-sized. They thrive off exercise and playtime and prefer to run on the grass than lie on the carpet. The Brussels Griffon has a fiery temperament and will keep never back down first. Being the leader of the pack is all in a day's work for this breed.


Source: The Dogist

6. Dachshund

This breed may stand low to the ground, but he thinks he is taller than all the other dogs. With his "class president"personality, he loves to be in control - of his family, his humans and other dogs and cats in the house. He is very affectionate and social so he makes a great family dog who will sometimes try and lead everyone in his own direction.


Source: The Dogist

7. Border Terrier

This pup is small in size but mighty in spirit and loves to play. He excels in sports and agility test so he is obedient and loyal, as well as active and alert. Don't expect him to be contented staying inside on the couch - this outgoing pup just want to meet new friends and have new experiences.


Source: Dogster

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