7 Dog Breeds That Prefer Human Company To Their Own Kind


Sometimes you take your dog to the park thinking it's going to meet lots of other canine friends and have a right run around playfully chasing your friend's pup. If it loves playing and cuddling you then why not its own kind, right?Well that's just it. Some dogs prefer socialising with humans than with other dogs. And there's nothing wrong with that. They just preferhuman attention.NB. This doesn't mean to say that these breedswon't be nice to other dogs! They just might prefer snuggles with their human.We've made a list of 7 breeds who would prefer to hang out with their human than with another pooch:

1. German Shepherd


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There's a reason German Shepherd's are the second most popular dog breed in the US.They're loyal, lovingand are often seen working with the police and military. No wonder giventhey adore humans so much.

2. French Bulldog


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The happy-go-lucky Frenchie gets along with everyone, but given the choice, many of them would choose to hang out with their owner on the sofaover running around the dog park. English Bulldogs would also prefer to binge watch a TV series with you.

3. Great Dane


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Great Danes have NO idea how big they are - they are basically giant, overgrown lapdogs who adore attention from their humans. Super calm, they'd happily spend all day with their human.

4. Shetland Sheepdog


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Shelties are family-oriented dogs, making them very loyal to their human pack. They love cuddles and have an innate tendency to socialise better with humans. Collies and Australian Shepherds similarly love cuddles with their humans.

5. Cavalier King Charles


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Cavalier King Charles' were literally bred to be lap dogs, so it makes sense that these dogs would prefer human company to other dogs. They love being with people and need reassurance of your companionship.

6. Maltese

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The Maltese would happilystay on your lap all day. They'd rather watch other dogs playing, and stay close to you on the sofa. Like many of smaller 'toy' breeds, they prefer human attention.7. Beagle


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Being pack dogs, Beagles often get along with other pups. But it’s you who they really love, as they see you as the 'packleader' in their life. They are very sociable with humans and make excellent family pets as they love children.

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