7 Adorable And Strange Munchkin Crosses That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

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Munchkins are a breed of cat first discovered in 1983, after a kitten was born with the apparently random genetic mutation. Munchkins are well known for their little legs and their playful natures, which last well into adulthood. It was recognized as its own breed in 1994.With their tiny stature and larger-than-life personalities, these kitties have become incredibly popular on social media, with millions following their antics on Instagram accounts and YouTube channels worldwide. Here are 7 of the most interesting Munchkin crosses becoming breeds in their own right:1. Minskin

Source: Cat Breed Selector

Minksins are crosses between Munchkins, and Sphynxs and Devon Rexs. With their little legs and unusual lack of fur, they make strange-looking, but sweet-natured companions.2. Napoleons

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Coming from a cross between a Munchkin and a Persian, the Napoleon is a small, dainty cat. Also called Minuets, they were established as a breed in 1995. They were named after the famous French general, known for his short stature and proud air.3. Lambkin

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The Lambkin is a cross between a Munchkin and the beautiful, rare Selkirk Rex. Like both of their parent breeds, they are playful and cuddly, with plenty of curly, soft fur.4. Kinkalow

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The woman who first bred the Lambkin, Terri Harris, was also the creator of the Kinkalow. Created by crossing the short legged cats with American Curls, they are sociable and active.5. Bambino

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The Bambino is another Sphynx cross, but unlike the Minskin, they have no fur at all. Like their taller ancestors, they require a lot of skin care to keep them from getting burns.

6. Dwelf

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Dwelfs, as their appearance might suggest, descend from American Curls, Sphynxs and, of course, Munchkins. Because of their unusual looks and sprightly nature, they were named after dwarfs and elves.7. Genetta

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The Genetta descends from Munchkins, Bengals and Savannahs. It was first bred in 2006 in Texas and prized for it's spotted coat and lively nature.DISCLAIMER: As the Munchkin is a very recent breed, breeders and fans are not yet completely sure of whether these cute cats have any inherited health problems, like ones that have been discovered in other new breeds like the Scottish Fold.It is also very important to remember that, with any sweet and unusual cat breed, backyard breeders and kitten mills will take advantage and breed kittens with no regard for their health to make as much profit as possible.While the best thing to do would be to adopt a kitten from a shelter and give them a chance at a new, happy life, if you are set on a certain type of cat, research both the breed and where you are getting them from to help stamp out unethical, greedy people and companies.

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