66 Trafficked Pangolins Saved In Police Raid

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The pangolin, an endangered mammal originating from Africa and South-East Asia, has a sad history. It is the most trafficked animal in the world. Their skin and scales - supposedly having therapeutic virtues, according to Chinese medicine - are very valuable and are sold for very extravagant prices.


Source : Save Vietnam's Wildlife

This intense trafficking is causing havoc for pangolin populations. The Asian species are particularly affected, and the Chinese pangolin is on the very edge of extinction.But luckily, certain associations are fighting to protect the animals. 66 pangolins recently escaped from a gruesome death in the beginning of November, when the association,Save Vietnam's Wildlife, and the local police seized them on the Chinese and Vietnamese border.


Source : Save Vietnam's Wildlife

All the animals were force-fed maize and seeds to make them grow bigger, increasing their monetary value, and enclosed in net bags. There was also proof of their cruel capture - the traps had destroyed their paws.


Source : Save Vietnam's Wildlife

Phap Nguyen, communications manager forSave Vietnam's Wildlife, toldThe Dodo:

This big rescue added up to 130 pangolins in our quarantine right now, which is over our capacity. As a result, three or four pangolins have to share a room — not good for them but we have no other choices.

One of the pangolins has already succumbed to the cramped conditions, and Phan fears there will be more. He promises that the association is doing everything they can to save them,


Source : Save Vietnam's Wildlife

More than 1 million pangolins were poached in the last ten years, and between 2011 and 2013, it is estimated that between116 990 and 233 980were killed.

70 Pangolin RescueUpdate on 70 pangolin rescue:- All were force-fed and have stomach problems.- All were injured here and there, some even lost legs or claws.- We lost one, doing everything we can do save the others.This is over our capacity. Support us!Publié par Save Vietnam's Wildlife sur mardi 13 décembre 2016

You can supportSave Vietnam's Wildlifeby donating so that they can improve the living conditions of their rescued pangolins.

H/t: The Dodo

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