64 Puppies Recently Rescued From A Dog Meat Farm Are Now Getting Their First Cuddles

Thanks to the amazing help from theHumane Society, a Korean dog meat farm was closed down at the end of February. In doing so, the lives of over 100 puppies were saved from a hellish and barbaric fate...


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It was SPCA, a rescue shelter based in San Francisco, that managed to bring 50 dogs back to America and Canada safe and sound. And now it's 64 more puppies who have just felt the touch of a loving hand for the first time.


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These puppies had never had a walk, a bed, or even fresh water all their lives. But now that's all about to change.

Oncedestined to end up on peoples' plates in Korean restaurants, they are now all waiting for forever homes in America. They won't have to spend their lives in cages, they will be running around in gardens and know what it feels like to be part of a loving family.Some of them have already found their forever homes!

Another Korea dog, Eddie, will be spending the weekend with his new family!Posted by The San Francisco SPCA on Friday, 11 March 2016

If you live in America or Canada and would like to adopt one of these adorable puppies, you can click here.Watch their lives being transformed thanks to the amazing work of SPCA:

From Cage to Couch: Dogs rescued from a Korean Meat Farm

We’re caring for dogs rescued from the dog meat industry in Korea – please help these survivors! To give, comment ‘#donate $40’ (or any other amount). We'll reply with a link that lets you confirm your donation. It's easy and secure! Help us shut down this cruel industry one dog meat farm at a time.

Posted by The San Francisco SPCA on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

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