60 Intense Seconds Of Craziness Between A Tiny Chihuahua And A Huge Great Dane


You can forget about David and Goliath!

This is Lilly, a tiny Chihuahua who is barely even 3 months old, and Vago, a huge Great Dane.

A terrifying battle unfolds between one of the world's smallest dog breeds and one of the largest...


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But make no mistake, this will not be an easy battle. Lilly sizes up Vago, and still she doesn't hesitate for a second!


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What happens? It's a thrilling fight which proves that the smallest fighters are often the most dangerous...


Source : @Facebook

(We assure you that a human was on hand in the battlefield, ready to step injust in case Vago was overcome by the pressure of the fight and forced to concede...)If you're quite ready, we'll let you watch the scene for yourself.

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