6 Top Tips To Keep Your Cat Cool And Safe In The Heat This Summer


We all know how important it is to stay cool during the hot summer months. It is equally as important to make sure that our feline friends do not fall ill as a result of the heat. Knowing how to prevent and cool your cat if they become too hot is vital as temperatures rise.

Source: Catster

Some indications that your pet is suffering in the heat can be:

  • excessive salivating
  • sweaty paws
  • disorientation and lack of coordination
  • bright pink gums and tongue
  • vomiting
  • excessive panting
  • excessive grooming

To avoid this, here are 6 top tips to keep your cat safe this summer:

1. Make sure they have access to water

Source: Catster

During the hot summer months, staying hydrated is vital. By providing your cat with fresh water throughout the day, they will hydrate themselves as and when they need.

2. Never leave your cat in the car

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The dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car are widely publicizedduring the hotter months, but this peril applies to cats as well.It is extremely dangerous for a cat to be left in a car on a hot day. Even with the windows cracked, temperatures will continue to rise at an extremely rapid rate, becoming dangerous and possibly fatal very quickly.

3. Consider grooming and shaving your cat

Source: Etobicoke Humane Society

While a thick fur coat is great in winter to keep your cat warm, it can cause them to overheat in the summer. To help your feline get rid of heat more effectively you could consult your veterinarian about shortening or shaving sections of their hair.A good solution can be to shave only your pet's stomach so that their fur can still act as a protective barrier against the sun.

4. Invest in air conditioning and/or a fan


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Creating a cool environment where your feline can retreat if they become too hot is an excellent way to protect them as temperatures rise. Air conditioning and/or fans will create a cool space to help your pet regulate their temperature.

5. Elevate their bed

Source: Paw Shop

By elevating your cat's bed, you will increase their airflow around them during the night. The air that passes underneath the bed will help them to cool down and decrease their temperature.

6. Cool them with damp washcloths

Source: Pet CareRx

If your cat seems to be overheating, you can lower their temperature with damp cool washcloths. As most cats don't like water, it is best to make sure that the towel is not too wet to avoid them trying to run away.By following these tips, you should be able to have a fun and carefree summer with your favorite feline!

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