6 Indisputable Reasons That Prove This Is THE Perfect Site For Organising Your Pet's Holiday


The countdown to your holidays has begun and you leave work every day with a smile on your face.

There's just one thing darkening your spirits: the knowledge that your beloved four-legged friend won't be able to come with you.

But wait! Holidog is here to take over, making sure your dog has a holiday of his own while you're not around.

If you're not sure, the following 6 reasons will convince you that Holidog will give your ball of fluff the unforgettable holiday he deserves!


1. The certainty of finding the perfect holiday companion


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The first step to your dream holiday is finding the ideal companion. That's why Holidog provides you with a long list of profiles of petsitters who live near you.

Once you've chosen the profile that suits you best, you can arrange a meeting between your pet pal and his future petsitter! Your pet's trusty instincts will make sure you know when you've chosen the right person.

2. The comfort of a home


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If your pup is adventurous and quickly adapts to new places, you have the option to leave him at your petsitter's house. At Holidog we know how important it is for your pet to feel comfortable, so we let you choose his holiday home from a great many options, whether you're looking for a large open space or a smaller, more intimate area.

On the other hand, if he is a bit of a homebody, you can either have the petsitter come to stay at your home, or just visit to take him on daily walks. With these options, your pet doesn't have to leave his happy home.

3. No more loneliness or boredom!


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A successful holiday should never leave your pet bored or sad, and choosing a petsitter is the best way of making sure that he will never be lonely. Your petsitter will adapt to your dog or cat's wishes, whether he wants to play, to go walkies, or he simply wants some company while he lazes about on the couch.

4. Stay in contact with him!

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When we're having a great time, it's only natural to want to share these moments with our loved ones. So why would this not be the case for our beloved balls of fluff?

Prepare yourself for selfies and videos of your dog having a great time! And if you find that you're missing him too much, you can always try to organise a Skype!

5. No stress, we'll take care of everything


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Even when you take every possible precaution, things can sometimes go wrong. If this happens, we will take care of it all. When you use our services, you don't only guarantee your pet a good time, but you ensure his safety at all times.

We work with professionals who make it their job to love animals. With their extensive experience, you can be sure that your pet is in good hands.

6. Come back to a happy pet!


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When you get back, there are no guilty looks, no sulky pouts or tiptoeing around with your tail between yourlegs...Quite the opposite!Having spent their time having fun and revelling in the attention, you will come back to a relaxed pup, brimming with positive energy that he can't wait toshare with you.

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Now we've convinced you, please carry on packing your suitcases!Don't wait any longer to plan your pet pal's holiday and find his petsitter now.

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