6 Important Tips For Playing In The Snow With Your Pup This Winter


The holidays are here! For many people that means vacationing or hitting the slopes with family or friends. What better way to spend a snowy adventure than with your pooch as well!However, there are definitely some tips to keep in mind when subjecting your canine to the blistery winter air to make sure he stays happy and healthy.

1. Don't let them eat snow


Source: Jai-lei Somerville

While snow seems like a harmless indulgence, it can often upset a dog's digestive system and make him sick. If he has any sort of diarrhea or vomiting, go immediately to a vet.

2. Get proper protection


Source: Sheamus the Dog

While some dogs were built for the snow (i.e. Huskies) many dogs are simply too small or have too short of a coat to enjoy the cold without some sort of protection. Many dogs will start shaking if that's the case, so they require some sort of coat or sweater to fend off the chill in extreme climates.

3. Apply sunscreen


Source: Nawty Dog

Before you go applying your own human sunscreen on your pup, know that they can get extremely ill from the zinc oxide. Most pet stores carry special doggy sunscreen without this harmful ingredient. This is especially important in high altitudes where the sun is stronger. Light skinned or shaved dogs can get sunburns and skin cancer just like humans, so make sure to apply on bellies, inner thighs, ears and noses of susceptible canines.

4. Clip the fur between paw pads


Source: 30 Million d'Amis

When walking outside, the snow can easily attach and build up on the fur in between your dog's foot padding. This can cause burning sensations and lesions if left too long. There is also a spray or cream you can purchase from your local pet store which contains protective polymers.

5.  Check their feet once inside


Source: Hey It's Otis

Make sure to rinse off any excess snow that is on their paws on re-entering the warmth. Make sure they do not have any shards of ice or frost bite.

6. Keep them close


Source: Suvi, Saaga & Elsa

Especially for those who will be on the ski slopes this holiday season, it's important to keep your dog on a leash anywhere near where skiers or snowboarders will be crossing. Collisions happen incredibly quickly, and it can very dangerous for everyone involved.With these tips, both you and your pooch will have peace of mind and a comfortable vacation.

H/t: 30 Millions d'Amis