6 Extremely Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm Around Fireworks


According to the University of Bristol's School of Veterinary Sciences, fireworks are the most common trigger for anxious canine behaviour.

They noticed that dogs react to fireworks with trembling, hiding and seeking refuge, or even urination and destruction in some cases.


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Obviously, this is not ideal when you are trying to enjoy the celebrations with your pup by your side. But there are some things you can do to help. Here are some essential tips to keep your pet safe and happy around fireworks:

1. Keep him indoors


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The number one tip is to simply keep your furry friend inside when the sparks go off. This way, he will not be scared by the loud noises and scary lights. You could even turn on the radio or television to keep your pet distracted from the noise outside.Even if your pet is usually kept outside, it's best to bring him inside during this period. And if you have to take your animal with you to a firework display, make sure you keep himon a leash to stop him from bolting once the fireworks begin.

2. Give him some love


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Just like us, animals respond well to human comfort and love when they're feeling uncomfortable. Though you should be careful not to scare your pet by being overly loud and dramatic, you can calm him down with some soothing petting.

3. Distraction from the action


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Sometimes all a pet needs is a little distraction from the source of his worries. Try to keep him focused on something else by offering him chew toys, talking to him and acting just as normal.And what better time to offer your dog a treat? Reward him for sitting and stayingby giving him his favourite food.

4. Medical solutions


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Though obviously not the easiest solution, medication can help dogs who are particularly noise-phobic. Ask your vet about pheromones, melatonin and other possible prescription medications which could help relieve your dog's anxiety and keep him calm.

5. It's a wrap


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It may seem unlikely, but the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) recommends making a wrap which will reduce your dog's anxiety. It's a simple trick involving just one piece of fabric but is specially designed to minimise the urge to run away during loud noise.

DIY Thundershirt to help relieve anxiety this new year. (Saw this on FB; it actually works--for my dogs at least)???

— Gelo of PAWS (@GeloOfPAWS) December 27, 2015

The ThunderShirt is a ready-made option, applying gentle pressure to calm your pooch.

6. Pre-empt an escape


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There is a danger that your pup may run off, terrified by the sounds surrounding him. Make double sure that he is safe by checking he has a collar with identification or even a microchip, so he can get back to you should he escape.Above all, it is recommended that you don't leave your pet at home alone on nights when fireworks are likely. If you are planning a holiday, find a petsitter today!By following these easy steps, you can guarantee that both you and your pet have will be much calmer and have a much better time around fireworks.

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