54% Of Dogs Suffer From This Disease That Shortens Their Life By 2 Years


sCanine obesity is one of the most common diseases, but also one of the most easily preventable, which is what makes its statistics all the more tragic. According toThe Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 54% of adult dogs in the United States are overweight. Weight affects more than beauty and agility -obesity can cut 2 and a half years off a dog's lifespan.


Source: PetMD

As it is an easily preventable disease, there are veterinarian-recommended ways to combat it that you can enforce in the comfort of your own home. But first, you need to check your pup's symptoms and decide whether or not he is obese.If you cannot feel his ribs through his fat, if his stomach is sagging so much that you can grab a handful, then he is obese. If your pup has a broad, flat back and his waistline is invisible, then he is suffering from obesity. A healthy dog should have a tucked-in abdomen and ribs that are easy to feel and see.


Source: Barkpost

If you find out that your dog is indeed overweight, simply follow these tips for a healthier lifestyle and watch your pup become healthier by the day!

1. Exercise daily

This one might seem obvious as it is recommended by vets and puppy trainers starting at a young age. Not all dog need daily walks, but every dog needs to move for around 30 minutes a day. Walks around the block, in the mountain or in a park are ideal, but if your pup does not enjoy that there are alternatives. He can go for a swim in the pool or in the pond for a few minutes, play "fetch" or other games in the garden, or simply play with toys and chase them around the house.


Source: The Dogist

2. Don't overfeed him

You need to limit your pup's calorie intake and there are two simple ways to do this. The first is to make sure you're feeding him the right amount and in the right portions. The instructions on the food bag are not always accurate, so get a consultation from your local vet to find out how much food he needs. The second way to limit calorie intake is by not giving your dog food and scraps from the table or leftover dinner - especially not fatty meats, starches and other human foods. You can check his calorie allowance here.


Source: The Dogist

3. Protect his joints

If your pup is obese, he is almost certainly feeling pain and sensitivity in his joints, which were not made to carry that much weight. Joint pain leads to inflammation and even less physical activity, which in turn leads to more weight gain and it becomes a vicious circle. Over 25% of overweight dogs develop joint pains, according to Giving your pup fish oil in his food or supplements that containglucosamine or chondroitin can help relieve joint pain.

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