53 Dogs Were Just Found Living In A Filthy House Without Food Or Daylight

Volunteers from the SPCA of the city ofRhĂ´ne, in France, described it as a "scene of horror". On Tuesday, March 7, they discovered 53 dogs in a terrible state.


Source : SPA de Lyon

The SPCA was alerted by a tip off, but upon arrival at the house, they had to wait for several hours before as the owner refused to open the door. Finally, the authorities arrived and the rescue team could go inside.

"Three rotting corpses lying on the floor"

The person responsible had been acting under the name of an association, pretending to save animals, but in reality, she was bringing the dogs into her house and condemning them to a horrible existence. They were crammed into rooms where excrement lined the floors and the light of day never shone through the windows.


Source : SPA de Lyon

The SPCA explained:

Fifteen of the dogs were living in the dark with their owner amongs dirty, ruined sofas. Others were not allowed out of their tiny transport cages, locked in the bathrooms. on the balcony, three rotting corpses were lying on the floor.

Source : SPA de Lyon

In total, 53 dogs were living in the filthy residence, most of whom were ill or injured. Some were in such pain that they could not evenwalk. The association continued:

Our team, who does a lot of rescue missions, was very shocked and affected by the violence that they saw. [...]  Skeletal, underfed, fragile, with some of them being blind and unable to breathe, full of infections... [...] Unfortunately, the list is long. These animals were starving and received no medical care.

Source : SPA de Lyon

42 of the pups were places in a shelter and the other 11, in a critical state, were taken to a different shelter where the veterinarians are taking care of them.Sadly, among those who were in critical condition, two so close to death that they had no chance of survival and were put down.


Source : SPA de Lyon

The association pressed charges against the former owner. Once they are healthy and strong again, the escaped pups will be put up for adoption. If you would like to know more about the possibility of adopting one of these traumatized dogs, consult the SPCA's Facebook page. (In French).


Source : SPA de Lyon

You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.You can also visit PETA and pledge to be cruelty-free.

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