5 Wolf Dogs Have Been Sentenced To Death By The French Authorities For The Most Absurd Reason

Andrea A.

Since November 2015, the associationEntre Chiens et Loups("Between Dogs And Wolves") hasbeen campaigning against the death sentence for five wolf dogs in France. Their crime? Being "too wolf-like".


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The French animal and wildlife authorities, namely theCITESand theONCFSconsider the dogs to be"wolf hybrids".According to them, owning these "wild" animals is illegal. And their solutionis to euthanise the five dogs.


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An "unknown" breed in France

It is important to know that there are three breedsof wolf dog: the Sarloos,theCzechoslovakian and the American wolf dog.The first two breeds are recognised inFrance,but the American one is not.Therefore Snow, Zaltana, Shaïma, Ghost andGrael are considered unknown and wild, and they arebeing condemned to death for it.


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"Unbelievably stubborn"

Orianne, who isSnow's human, is fighting against the absurd and revolting decision to kill these dogs.

The other founder of the association Entre Chiens et Loups, who owns the other four condemned wolf dogs, is also trying to rally as much support as possible against the authorities' decision.


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In an interview with the Holidog Times, Orianne explained :

[The authorities] are being unbelievably stubborn. I think they want these dogs to be an example.

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"Never caused the slightest harm"

But these wolf dogs are in no way wild creatures. They have never caused anyone any harm and they pose abolutely no danger, they're just pets who want to be loved like any other. "Not one escape, not one bite, not one attack", outlinesthepetitiondemanding their freedom.


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These are affectionate animals who live in family homes and act like any other dog breed in the world.Zaltana and Shaïma were born in America and arrived in France legally in June 2012 whilstGhost andGraelwere bred and adopted legally in 2014.


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The footage of them cuddling and playing with their humans is enough to prove why these dogs should not be euthanised.

Merci à tous ceux qui continuent à signer et partager ! by Association Entre Chiens & Loups on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Over 40,000 signatures already

A petitionto spare these innocent dogs' lives, entitled "We don't want to die!" has already received over 43,000 signatures.


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Snow, Ghost, Grael, Zaltana and Shaïma are scheduled to be euthanised on June 1 2016.

Please don't let these innocent animals die for the most absurd reason, and sign and share this petition to save their lives.