5 Warning Signs To Know If Your Dog Is In Pain


As humans we can easily let the world know when we're in pain. As a dog, however, it's not as easy. They can't exactly voice their aches and pains in the same way as we can. The good news? If you know the signs, you should be able to understand when your dog needs your help.Here are the top 5 signs to look out for that show your dog may be suffering:

1. Licking


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Is your dog continuously licking one area? Examine the area closely. It will become obvious if the dog has an open wound. If no wound is visible, the pain could be an internal one, the licking will more than likely indicate where the pain is coming from.

2. Changes in sleep/appetite


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Loss of appetite is also a sign that something is up, as is not drinking as much as normal or excessive sleeping.

3. Panting

dog in pain

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If your pooch is panting even when resting this could be a sign that all is not right. Conversely, if your dog is breathing slower than normal this may also be a warning sign.

4. Yelping more than usual


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Is your pupletting out a few more whimpers or yelps than normal? This may be one of the first signs that something is up. Look out for unusual barking, growling, howling and whining.

5. Growling at you

dog in pain

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Your dog would normally never growl at you, but all of a sudden this has all changed? He/she bares their teeth when you go in for a cuddle or try and lift them up. This is a definite sign that the animal is wounded and they are letting you know that it hurts to be touched.Note: One or several of these symptoms may not necessarily mean that something is wrong with your dog, so you may not need to go rushing to your vet immediately. But if their symptoms don't improve or theyappear to be seriously unwell, take themto see the vet immediately.

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