5 Vital Tips For Quickly Potty Training Your Pup


So you got a puppy! Congratulations! Besides just being exceptionally adorable, dogs enrich your life in amazing ways. However with all the positive aspects, comes some nitty-gritty. One of the most intimidating aspects of having a canine companion is training him to do his business.Just like a human baby, puppies don't know how to control themselves right away and must be taught. Here are some tips to make the process as easy as possible:

1. Don't wait


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The best time to teach a dog potty training and where the appropriate places are to use the bathroom is between threeand five months. If it takes closer to seven or eight that's normal too, but waiting any longer will create bad habits that are especially hard to break.

2. Respond right away


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The expression is "memory like a goldfish," but sometimes puppies seem just as bad. If he has an accident in the house it does no good to yell at him even 30 seconds after the fact because he won't understand why you're upset. If you catch him in the act, hold him by the skin on his neck (it won't hurt him mama dogs do it all the time) and firmly tell him "No!". Then take him outside to finish his business. Don't yell or hit him, and when he comes back inside show him how happy it make you for him to do his business outside.

3. Create a schedule


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Make sure your dog goes out regularly in the morning, before bed, and after every meal. This will create a link in his mind to wait for these moments to use the bathroom. Don't give him water before bed to avoid night accidents. When he's young you can put out newspapers for him to go on, and if he uses them, don't punish him, but when he learns to refrain encourage this behavior with enthusiasm and joy.

4. Don't clean up in front of him


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Your dog will have accidents. That's normal, but don't clean up in front of him. Being on all fours is a sign of play for your pooch, and he will "reward you" by doing it more often in an attempt to make you happy.

5. Lots of rewards, no punishment


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A firm hand and tone are necessary to train your pup, but punishment won't work. He will just start going to the bathroom in more hidden places leaving you a surprise for later, or else just eating his feces to hide it from you. Lots of treats and positive words when he does something right is the best way to get your dog to understand the proper place and time for his business.Your dog loves you and wants to make you happy! Show him or her that a clean house, free of doggy excrement is what does the job. These tips will help you on your way, but if your dog does not learn with proper training after eight months, it might be time to see a vet.

H/t: Wamiz