5 Vital Tips For Exercising With Your Dog This Summer


When the weather is nice, many people take the opportunity to exercise outside, stretching their legs after long days at a desk. For those needing a little motivation, or just looking for some company, a dog can seem like the perfect exercise companion.And while it's true that many canines will love going for a jog with you, there are several important factors to keep in mind.

1. Be careful of the heat


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Running on hot days may be hard for you, but its even harder on your pooch who has the added fur insulation. Pavement can also burn their sensitive paw pads.

2. Dehydration


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Dogs release heat by panting, which also dehydrates them. Your dog will definitely need some sort of hydration, especially during long, hot workouts.

3. Short-nose breeds beware


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Brachycephalic or short-nose breeds like pugs and boxers shouldn't go on runs, or at least be very cautious in doing so. They can overheat very easily and their short respiratory tracts make it harder for them to breathe.

4. Start slow


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Canines, like humans, need to adjust to working out more. If the most exercise your city dog has been getting is a walk around the block, then they are not ready for intense running. Even athletically built dogs need to develop the stamina.

5. Wait until they're grown


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Young puppies are not done developing and overexertion at that age can lead to orthopedic problems later in life. Before they're done growing, they can face a higher risk of joint and bone damage.All in all, pet owners should know that running is good for them and their dogs, but they should be sure to take extra precautions to avoid problems.

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