5 Tips To Make Sure Cats And Dogs Live Peacefully Under The Same Roof

Andrea A.

You may think it's impossible to have a dog and a cat living in harmony in the same household. But it can be done.It has become a myth by popular belief that cats and dogs are sworn enemies. However, we've seen plenty of adorable friendships between canines and felines.


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But be warned. Whilst a cat is very independent and cautious, a dog is a lot more inquisitive and boisterous.Cats often lift their paws as they are about to scratch dogs as a form of attack. However, dogs think that this is a sign to play. As you can see, there is a whole lot of miscommunication going on there.Well we've got 5tips to make sure that the two of them becomes the best of friends and you have a fight-free home:

1. Who comes first?


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Whilst both animals can be very territorial, a cat will usually be very aggressive to a newcomer in her space. Therefore, it is often a better idea to adopt the dog before the cat, as dogs are more inquisitive and friendlier to newcomers. Especially cute fluffy kittens. In an ideal world, adopting them at the same time is the smoothest option.

2. Consider the breed


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The dog's breed can play a big part in determining whether or not the pair get along. It's known that Poodles, German Shepherds and English and French Bulldogs are the friendliest breeds with cats. On the other hand, Terriers like a Jack Russell hate cats and could be a real danger around your cat due to their chasing instinct.

3. Their first encounter


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Cats fear a dog's boisterous energy and often hide from them or attack them as a form of defence. If you tire out your dog by doing lots of exercise before they meet, the dog will beexhausted and therefore more docile when the cat first meets him. This means he will pose as less of a threat.

4. Don't make them jealous


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Don't give one of them more cuddles than the other. The older pet deserves just as much love as the newcomer and jealousy is one of the main causes of dispute between the two.

5. Their own space


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Make sure you clearly outline the cat's corner and the dog's. It's important that theyeat separately and they both have their own beds to sleep in. Clear boundaries are important.We're sure it won't be long until your cat and dog are the best of friends!

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