5 Things You Should Know (And Do) If Your Dog Has A Dry Nose

Andrea A.

The nose is a crucial "instrument" for your pup. With over 220 million sensory receptors, it is almost a sort of radar that lets them to identify other dogs quickly and pick up smells that go totally unnoticed by the humans. Here is some information to know about your dog's nose.

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1. A myth!

It is often said that a dog with a dry or hot nose is coming down with something, but don't worry, this belief is actually totally wrong. Other factors can affect the state of your animal's nose.

2. A lack of hydration

Above all, a dry nose can simply indicate that your animal has not licked their nose for some time. This is nothing to worry about, in itself. If your dog spends time in direct sunlight or close to a source of heat, its nose will be dry without there being cause for alarm

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3. Sometimes misleading...

The temperature of the snout changes over the course of the day, just as the state of the nose will vary from one dog to the other. You should really pay attention to the general look of the nose, which will allow you to detect a problem if there is one.

4. Every breed is different

Dogs with a pale nose are more susceptible than others to getting sunburnt. It is therefore important to protect your pup's skin with sun cream - always consult your vet! - to keep them safe. If your dog has a runny nose, inspect its mucus. If it is pale, you don't need to worry. However, a yellowy, greeny-colored or thick mucus should get you thinking.

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5. Other things to keep in mind

Rather than the temperature, keep an eye on the texture, color or loss of color of your dog's nose. These are much more trustworthy indicators which will allow you to quickly identify a problem and contact your vet more quickly.

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