5 Reasons Why A Petsitter Is The Ultimate Companion For Your Four-Legged Friend While You're Away


When you go on holiday, there's always the pain of having to ask one of your friends or relatives whether they mind looking after your pet for a week. But if you use a petsitter, you'll never have to impose on your loved ones again, and your dog or cat will have the time of their lives! And forgetsending them to a kennel or cattery...

In fact, now that we've started, there are so many reasons why hiring a petsitter could be one of the best decisions you've ever made. You and your pet will be a lot happier for it.So here are our top 5:

1. Plenty of cuddles and playtime while you're away.


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A petsitter will take care of your pet and give him all the attention necessary while you’re away. Your petwon't even notice that you're gone when they're playing in the park or getting extra cuddles from your petsitter. That's what they're here for - they're animal lovers through and through! What's more, your pet can meet the petsitter before you go away to make sure the two of them will get along brilliantly.

2. Your pet can stay in the comfort of their own home.


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Pets don't like being moved around the whole time, they're creatures of habit who like familiar sights and smells. So if you get a petsitter, they can come to your home to look after your pet. This way your pet willstill feels safe and secure in his own home. It also means you won't have to transport them anywhere, which can often be stressful.

3. Peace of mind.


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If you know that your petis in a professional's loving hands, you willenjoy your trip to the fullest knowing how safe and happy they are. Petsitters can deal with pet issues like illness or behaviour issues as well, so they're extra qualified to give your pet all the love and care they need.

4. Tailored to you and your pet's needs.


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Each pet and home is unique. But Holidog's petsitting services are completely tailored to your needs and specifications. Whether you want them to stay inapetsitter's home, with another dog or without children, or you want a petsitter to take them on three 40-minute walks a day, it's all up to you. Your petsitter will fit in with your pet's routine, and your schedule and whereabouts.

5. No more separation anxiety.


You may not even be going on holiday, it might just be a very busy day at work. You know how much yourpethates it when you leave themalone for too long, so you can even get them a petsitter companion to check in on them during the day, take them for a walk, and give them that bit of attention and stimulation they need.

How we can help

If getting a petsitter sounds like the best solution for you and your furry friends, you're in the right place! Holidog helpsthousands of pet parentsfindloving sitters all over the world for their pets. You can use our services and start browsing through our petsitters now to find your pet's purrfect companion.Travel with peace of mind and forget the words 'kennel' and 'cattery' ever existed. You pet's new life starts now!Find your petsitter now and get talking to them for free!

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