7 Reasons That Will Convince You It's Infinitely Better To Adopt Cats In Sets Of Two


Are you looking to add some love and affection to your life? Do you want a faithful companion? Are you hoping to find the perfect ball of fluff?Ifyou're thinking about adopting a cat, maybe you could even go a step further...and adopt two feline friends!Evenif you already have a cat,it's never too late to offer him some kitty company.Having two cats at the same time can certainly have wonderful advantages for all three of you. Here's why:

1. Smoother transition to a new life


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It's usually easier for a cat to adjust if he's with another cat. Just as we humans often feel uncomfortable in new places and look to ourfriends for cues, cats rely on each other when adjusting to their new surroundings.

2. Ready-made friends


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Rescue cats can often be nervous about joining a new home with a totally new group of people. If they've already got a special friend at their shelter, it may make the leaving process easier.You can ask the staff at the rescue centre to find out if the cat you want to adopt already has a strong bond with another feline.

3. Learning new things


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It's great for cats to grow up with someoneto look up to, and humans just won't do the job. Cats who were prematurely separated from their mothers will especially benefit from another cat who will help them learn the "correct" behaviours, such as playing without claws.It's the kind of thing that you just can't teach a cat. He will learn far better by observing his fellow feline.

4. Exercise buddies


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Cats love playing around, and in fact it's essential to their mental and physical wellbeing that they get regular exercise.You may not always be up for joining in, but a feline buddy will guarantee your cats are never bored. They have a play and exercisebuddyat all times!

5. Lots of loving


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The only thing more adorable than one cat is two cats! And there's certainly enough love to go round. With two cats, you'll get double the affectionand they'll have one more friend to snuggle with.

6. A perfectly stimulated and happy pair


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If you have an apartment cat, it's very likely that he will be home alone a lot. But having a friend will keep your kitty content!Two cats will always have each other when you're away, so they'll be entertained and stimulated.As a result, you will have two much more independent cats who don't need to completely depend on their humans: they have their own cat world too!


7. Saving double the lives


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Perhaps the most important reason. Rescue centres are usually full to the brim with cats looking for aforever home, and there just aren't enough families to go around.By adopting two at the same time, you open up twice as much space at the centre so more lives will be saved in the long run!It's clearly a win-win situation.And if you're worried about the cost of raising two cats instead of one, you really needn't be: aside from food and litter, it is no more expensive to take two cats home instead of just the one.Are you convinced yet?If you're interested, you can find out more about adoption and help rehome a pet here.