5 Reasons That Prove Living With A Cat Is Good For Your Health


You gotacat because you love animals, you wanted a bit of company, or you just fell completely in love with their adorable face, right? But did you know that on top of how happy they make you, they are also benefiting your health?Indeed, according to a lot of medical research, living with a cat is excellent for your mental and physical health! Here are 5 reasons explaining how:

1. They lift your spirits!


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When your cat gives youaffection and appreciates your presence, doesn't that put a smile on your face? The joy of being with your cat for a relaxedcuddle or a bit of playtime is excellent for your mental health. At the end of the day, your cat makes you happy!

2. Cats reduce anxiety


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Hearing a cat purr has been proven tocalm youdown. Their purring really does have healing powers.Purring has been linked to lowering stress and even helping with breathing difficultiescaused by anxiety.

3. Having a cat makes you sleep better 



Source: @Wade Morgen

Your cat's constant purring means that you are more relaxed and therefore find it easier to get to sleep. Going to bed feeling calm and happy thanks to your cat means youalso have a better night's sleep, so youfeel even more fresh the next day.

4. Living with a cat lowers your risk of having a heart attack


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It's scientifically proven: parents of cats are less likely to have a heart attack or cardiovascular problems. Unless of course your cat likes hiding in boxes and jumping out at you!

5. Cats reduce our risk of allergies


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Living with a cat means you're less susceptible to allergies. This means it's great for children togrow up alongside a cat.Of course, this doesn't apply if you're allergic to cats...Now those are 5 pretty good reasons to adopt a cat if you haven't already got one in your life!

Featured image : @TheTelegraph