5 Puppies Were Found On The Brink Of Death In Canada. One Association Got There Just In Time

Just before Christmas, a woman from the Alberta village of Glenevis, Canada, made an emergency call to Tessa Lee, animal intake officer at WhitecourtHomeless Animal Rescue Foundation (WHARF), to report five abandoned puppies, fighting for life. Without a second to lose, Lee drove the 90km it took to rescue them. When she got there, they were in a very sorry state and fading fast. She later explained:

We didn't know if they would pull through.

With the bodies of several other puppies on the property, Lee took custody of them, driving them back to her home in Edmonton so that she could feed them and get them seen by a vet. While four of the pups pulled through quickly, perking up as soon as they were safe and warm, the last found it more difficult. Named Ruby by her rescuer, the tiny puppy didn't even have the strength to life her head.

 Wharf picked up 5 puppies freezing to death and completely emaciated last night all seem to be doing well except this little girl.She is holding on and beginning to perk up.We will be palliative caring her through Christmas.Keep her in your thoughts and we will up date everyone on her after the holidays.Publié par WHARF sur dimanche 24 décembre 2017

But, with plenty of love and care from Lee, she started to get stronger. On Christmas day, Ruby felt enough festive cheer to stumble towards her rescuer, something that Lee describes as "a Christmas miracle".This was especially touching as the end of the year is always a busy period for rescue organisations and shelters:

It seems like every Christmas Eve, there's an emergency. My family's already prepared to have an emergency animal at Christmas dinner with us.

Source: Tessa Lee

The puppies will stay at Lee's home until they have put on weight, then will be put up for adoption.

 Merry Christmas everyone!!We have movement!This puppy didn't have the strength to lift her body up yesterday. She is drinking water and eating on her own now.Safe and happy holidays to all of you.Publié par WHARF sur lundi 25 décembre 2017

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