5 Of The Most Common Mistakes Made By Dog Parents


Raising a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog comes with a huge variety of challenges. And of course, not all of the necessary skills to do so come naturally to every canine parent. Even the most prepared and veteran parents don't get it right 100% of the time!So here is a list of the 5 most common mistakes we see made by all kinds of doggy parents. Hopefully this will help you in future and may solve some problems with your dog's behaviour that you may already have now!Don't worry, we all recognise ourselves in some of these, we learn by making mistakes, after all:

1. Choosing a dog on a whim

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We can't blame you for instantly falling in love with those adorable puppy dog eyes in a shelter. But when it comes to picking a lifetime companion who you are responsible for, you have to be sensible. The reason we see so many abandoned dogs or dogs in shelters is because so many people get dogs impulse, without properly thinking it through.It's essential that you consider whether you have the time, space, money and resources to care for a dog. Also choosing a breed whose exercise needs you can't possibly fulfil.

2. A lack of consistency with rules and mixed messages

Common Mistakes Made By Dog Owners BowWow Times


If you live in a family, often each member will have different rules and standards which they expect the dog to abide by. For example, one owner may scold the dog for sitting on the sofa and another encourages them to do so.  With so many conflicting messages, the dog will never know what is acceptable or not.To avoid these pit falls, have a household meeting and make sure that everyone is on the exact same page with regards to rules.

3. Failing to socialise your pooch

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Socialisation is the act of introducing your dog to a whole range of new and common everyday experiences. Getting your dog used to meeting other dogs in the park, strangers, walking along the pavement are all areas which require training. If you don't, it may be difficult to resolve behavioural issues such as biting and aggression.So make sure to socialise your dog as early as possible and the chances of having a well-adjusted pooch you can take out with you anywhere will greatly increase!

4. Not giving your dog enough physical and mental stimulation



Most dogs have a lot of pent-up energy and curiosity that needs to be channelled into exercise and mental activity. If you don't walk your dog enough, they will channel their excess energy into undesirable behaviours like jumping, barking, or destroying your furniture.Make sure to take our dog on frequent daily walks, and give them toys like Kongs filled with treats that provide a mental exercise with a rewarding end.

5. Leaving your dog alone for too long



Leaving your dog at home alone too frequently or for too long a time can lead to destructive behaviours and separation anxiety.Be sure to offer your dog attention and companionship as much as possible. If you work long hours and leave your dog at home all day, you can hire a petsitter to come and look after them and take them on a walk!

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