5 Indispensable Ways To Protect Your Cat In Summer


Cats are typically more able to cope with higher temperatures than dogs, but they can nonetheless feel uncomfortable or even fall unwell when temperatures get too high. Here are some tips to help your feline friend have the best summer possible:

Never leave them in a car in direct sunlight

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Whether it be a dog or a cat, a car left in direct sunlight will rapidly become an extremely dangerous environment. If you are bringing your cat on a car journey and need to leave for a few minutes, you can always take them with you in a transport container or leave them with a friend or family member.

Try out 'iced meals'


'Iced meals' will keep your cat fed, refreshed and hydrated and so can be a great option in Summer. To prepare these iced meals, you simply need to mix water or broth with their food, for example, ground meat or other solid food, in an ice try and then simply freeze it overnight.As temperatures rise, even one or two of these refreshing cubes will help to cool them down. However, they will not replace their normal meals which are still very important for a healthy diet.

Cool them down with a water mister or ice pack

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A water mister placed in the fridge can reduce your feline's temperature by over 10 degrees and prevent them from suffering from heat stroke. An ice pack can also help the stay cool when placed on a cushion or a mat where your cat can go to easily regulate their body temperature.

Make sure that they always have easy access to fresh water

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Staying hydrated is important all year-round, but never more so than in Summer. It is enough to simply ensure that your cat's water bowl is always full of fresh, cool water. To maintain a cool temperature even when you are not there, you can always place some ice cubes into their water bowl.

Be prepared for long journeys 

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If you need to take your cat out on long journeys, all of the previous tips still apply. Your cat will need fresh water easily accessible and should never be in direct sunlight, even for a short amount of time.

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