5 Foolproof Tips To Help Stop Your Puppy From Biting You


We all know how much puppies love to chew on absolutely everything. Whether it's our socks, shoelaces, sofas or even our hands!It's usually because they use their mouths to explore things, so chewing on new things is them getting familiar with their new environment. It can also be their way of playing or it could be a sign of stress, most notably, separation anxiety.

It can be pretty painful and annoying if your puppy is constantly biting you and chewing on your things. So if you've just adopted a puppy or you're about to, then read our 5 top tips to prevent your puppy from biting everything around them, including you:

1. Don't encourage him.

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We advise you to not let your puppy get used to biting everything. If he thinks he's allowed to, then it could lead onto aggression later on, and he might bite other dogs or people. Even if he thinks it's a game, it's not. It hurts.

2. Don't let him think your hands are a toy.

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If you quite like your hands or your feet, then don't let your puppy chew on them. If they continually gnaw at her hands, they'll get used to it and won't understand when you start telling them not to. Start early to prevent them getting familiar with this painful 'game'.

3. Turn away from them and walk away.

Elo puppy bites in a trousers

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Ignoring them when they behave like this is the only way for them to understand that biting doesn't rhyme with playing. They'll calm down once they haven't got your attention.

4. Respect that it's their form of communication.


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Not all puppies bite everything as a form of play. It might also be a symptom of stress.If someone is tugging on their ears, or cuddling them too much, as some people often do with puppies, then they might lash out and try bite them. That means they don't like you or whatever it is you are doing to them.

5. Get her used to cuddles.


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Some puppies don't just like being cuddled the whole time, and that's clear considering they bite you. So try this technique: give your puppy a little treat when you're stroking her gently. They're not going to be biting you now are they? They'll associate treats and rewards for cuddles, as opposed to chewing!

Good luck!

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