5 Essential Tips To Protect Your Dog In Winter


The winter weather isn't easy on anyone - humans and canines alike. While some dogs were bred for the freezing temperatures, many need just as much protection as we do.Dogs die every year from weather related incidents. While many people are now aware of the dangers of leaving them in a hot car, they don't realize that the cold offers just as many, if not more, risks.Here is a list of 5 essential tips to make sure your pooch stays healthy and safe this winter!

1) Take care of his paws

The sidewalks in the winter are covered in salt which cause drying and cracking. If there is fur between their paw pads ice can also build up causing burns and irritation. Make sure to carefully clean their precious paws whenever they're coming in from outside. You can also purchase protective products to coat their feet before going out or buying booties if your pup will wear them.


Source: Pool the Jack Russel

2) Remove anti-freeze

Anti-freeze has a sweet taste for dogs, and any of the liquid laying out or spilled could attract their curious taste buds, however, it is extremely toxic for them. Clean any spills up right away and keep it out of reach. Keep in mind there are also more pet-friendly alternatives out there as well!


Source: Jax the Adventure Pup

3) Bundle up

For the canines who don't naturally possess the thick, warm fur of their wolf ancestors, being outside in the cold can be difficult. Keep walks to the daytime to maximize warmth and for dogs who are extremely sensitive, consider a sweater or jacket that covers the belly all the way down the back. However, frostbite is still possible on extremities if they stay out too long. There is no such thing as an outside dog in cold temperatures.


Source: Earth's Nature

4) Bathe only when necessary

The winter air can quickly dry out your pup's skin, and over-washing can only irritate this further. If this becomes a problem, discuss with your veterinarian about purchasing a special moisturizing shampoo.


Source: Karolina Śliwa

5) Hydrate and feed him more than normal

The cold weather will have your pooch burning extra calories to stay warm, so make sure to feed him a few extra calories to keep him healthy, however, keep in mind that they might be slightly more in-active than in warmer months. Extra water can also help combat dry skin.


Source: Hilary Wood

These five tips will help your dog stay healthy and happy during the cold winter months. If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for them.