5 Essential Tips For Protecting Your Pup From The Sun This Summer


When the weather's nice, it's so easy to spend longhours outside enjoying the sun, taking our precious balls of fluff with us of course.Although it's good for your dog to be outdoors, playing and getting exercise, we must remember that our pet palsdon't cope with the heat as well as we humans do. With this in mind, here are some simple guidelines to help keep your pup safe in the sun.

1. Never leave your dog alone in the car. 

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In 25 degree heat, the temperature inside a car parked in the sun can reach 45 degrees in an hour! Even if you open the windows, your dog runs the risk of heatstroke.

2. Avoid walking your dog on certain surfaces. 


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Some surfaces, such as cement and asphalt, get hotter much more quickly than others. Remember that your pooch's paws are just as sensitive as your feet, so if it's too hot for you to walk around barefoot, it will be for your pet too.If in doubt, think about protecting his paws with dog booties, which you can buy in most pet stores.

3. Give him water. Lots of water. 


Make sure that your pup always has access to clean and fresh water. It seems simplein theory, but it isn't always easy in reality.Most dogs will turn their noses up at warm water, or water that smells slightly, so pay careful attention to this.Try tokeep a clean bowl and a bottle of cold water with you at all times, so that your dog can quench his thirst.

4. Make sure your dog has access to a shady spot outside.


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If your beloved ball of fluff enjoys chilling out in the garden, make sure he has some shelter or at least an area in the shade. Don't let him doze in direct sunlight.

5. Walk your dog at the cooler times of day. 


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Avoid picking the times when the sun is at its hottest, usually between 12 and 4 o'clock. Keep long walks to the mornings and evenings.Byfollowing these key tips, you can keep your dog healthy and happy this summer.To find out how to spot the symptoms of dog dehydration, click here.

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