5 Easy Home Remedies To Cure Dog Diarrhea


Your dog can't open his mouth and tell you"I don't feel very well, I don't think I should be eating that." Pet owners have a responsibility to check on their furry friends' health any chance they get.When your pup has diarrhea, it is usually a symptom of a bigger problem, such as diet, stress, allergies, bacterial infections or parasites. It may not be the cutest thing your pooch does, but he is almost surely very uncomfortable when it's happening and it's not very pleasant to have around the house, either.


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Diarrhea in dogs is very common because there are so many causes, but luckily there are some simple home remedies you can try before splurging at the vet's clinic. If it is just a mild case, you can try any of the following tips.If the infection persists or is severe, be sure to see a veterinarian. The type of symptoms which should direct you to seek professional help include bloody excrement, loss of appetite, lethargic behavior, frequent vomiting or abdominal pain resulting in moaning.


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If it is just a mild case, you can try any of the following tips.

1. Give him a break

Sometimes fasting is a good idea as it gives your pup's tummy a chance to clear itself out and rest before any more food intake. The gastrointestinal tract needs a break between all the bowel movements. Withholding food for 12-24 hours may help your pup's system to flush itself out if you give him lots of water. Be careful not to give him too much to drink at once, however, as this could cause vomiting.


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2. Bland food

After a bout of diarrhea, your dog's system will need bland, easily digestible food. Stick to boiled, unseasoned, skinless chicken and plain white rice. Bananas or canned, unsweetened pumpkins are also a good choice. Gradually increase his food intake from a spoonful every 2 hours to a normal diet over the course of 24-48 hours.


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3. Comprehensive foods

Foods with natural healing benefits include chia seeds, plants and pumpkin puree. These foods contain antimocrobial properties, as well as soothe the membranes of the mucus in your pup's system. You can also try slippery elm in this category.


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4. Probiotics

While diarrhea gets rid of unhealthy bacteria, it also dehydrates the body and rids it of good bacteria. You need to supplement your pup's diet with the nutrients he has lost during his bout. Plain yogurt is a cheap option, but probiotics bought over-the-counter from your vet are even better.

5. Keep him away from garbage

Diarrhea in dogs is often caused by scavenging the garbage can, and sometimes dogs do it without their owners knowing. The easiest solution here is to keep the lids firmly closed and not to let him get near them.


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