5 Dog Breeds That Are Particularly Susceptible To Cancer


Dog owners just want the best for their four-pawed companion and keeping your dog healthy is a huge part of that. One of the scariest and most worrisome diseases that can affect your beloved pooch is cancer.It is vital to keep on top of your dog's health with regular check-ups and a healthy lifestyle for all dogs, however, there are certain dog breeds that are more susceptible than others to this disease and should be monitored extra closely.Here are 5 of the dog breeds that are most susceptible to cancer:

1. German Shepherd


Source: The Dogist

Despite their popularity, German Shepherds have very high rates of cancer, with the most prevalent of these beinghemangiosarcoma, which occurs almost exclusively in cats and dogs. This strain of the disease occurs in the lining of the blood vessels and can often be fatal.

2. Golden Retriever


Source: The Dogist

They are the third most popular dog breed in the USA, but even this family favorite is not immune from this illness. In fact, almost 60% of Golden Retrievers will suffer from cancer in their lifetime, namelyhemangiosarcoma and lymphoma. Males develop this disease more quickly than females.

3. Boxer


Source: The Dogist

Mast tumors,which occur in the connective tissues such as the skin, are extremely common in Boxers. It is particularly important to consult a veterinarian if you notice any lumps or changes on their skin.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog


Source: The Dogist

A shockingly high number of Bernese Mountain Dogs will fall victim to cancer in their lifetime and will be the cause of death for around 50% of them. As a large dog, they require a lot of exercise and physical activity to keep them healthy and make their lives as long as possible.

5. Rottweiler


Source: The Dogist

The most common type of cancer present in this breed is osteosarcoma, which affects the bone. It is an aggressive form of cancer and so early detection and treatment are vital to increase survival rates.While these breeds are more prone to certain types of cancer, it is nonetheless imperative to monitor every breed of dog for any changes in health, including lumps.If you spot any suspicious changes in behavior or on their skin, the best course of action is always to seek medical advice from a veterinarian sooner rather than later to give your canine the happiest and longest life possible.

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