5 Common Mistakes All Pit Bull Parents Make


It's not easy being the perfect dog parent and everyone makes some mistakes from time to time. Hey, that's how we learn! These mistakes are never intentional and are often a result of hurrying through our busy lives.Unfortunately, some silly mistakes can have grave effects on your Pit bull's health and wellbeing. Here are the top 5 slip-ups that can affect your pup's home life.


Source: The Dogist

1. Being too rough

Pit bulls are a unique breed of dog and they like it rough. It's fun to go hard with them for sometumble. However, a Pit bull can learn that this is the way he has to behave with everyone - including small children and the elderly. They also have trouble knowing when their playmate wants to stop the game and can result in the dogs being too rough with people who are not used to it. Be sure to teach a young Pitty self-control.


Source: The Dogist

2. No set rules

All dogs are habitual creatures, so they thrive in a structured, routined environment. They need to know the limits. If they are allowed on the couch one week and the next week someone chases them off it, they will end up being confused and even hurt or embarrassed. They may even start to shut down because they're being made to feel like they can never do anything right.


Source: The Dogist

3. Not enough contact with other dogs

Pit bulls are natural guard dogs and will do anything to protect their families. However, if they don't get enough down time with other dogs and people, they will perceive any unknown presence as a threat and may try to attack them. Young Pitties should socialise with people and other dogs often enough for them to be used to foreign presences.


Source: The Dogist

4. Giving him human medication

Doing this without a veterinarian's approval can result in an emergency treatment or even having the pup taken away. These kind of cases are more common than they seem: according to the ASPCA, human medication that is available over the counter and with prescription are #1 and #2 on the top list of toxins handled by the Animal Poison Control Center respectively.


Source: The Dogist

5. Lack of exercise

Any Pit bull owner will attest to how much energy these pups have! This breed will only thrive when they are getting enough mental and physical stimulation. Without proper exercise, these dogs will end up chewing everything they find lying around in the house or destroying furniture. Have some fun outside with some toys and these great dogs!

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