4 Things You Need To Know About The No.1 Hazard To Your Dog This Easter

Andrea A.

When Easter comes around every year, vets have to look after hundreds of dogs who are victims of chocolate poisoning .Chocolate is the biggest threat to your dog's health at this time of year.


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The poison? It's called theobromine, and it's the substance in chocolate which is toxic toour furry friends. It upsets the rhythm of their heartand even the smallest bite can be lethal.So that Easter eggs don't ruin your celebrations this year, here are fouressential facts to know about the dangers of chocolate.

1. The Ultimate Enemy = Dark Chocolate.

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The darker the chocolate, the more theobromine present in the chocolate and therefore the more harmful for your dog.Milk chocolate and cocoa powder contain less of the toxin, but it is still present and therefore harmful.White chocolate is not toxic as it doesn't contain anytheobromine (but that doesn't mean you should let your dogs eat it, it's still a very fatty and sugary food).

2. One small chocolate egg is already too much.

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Whilst your dog might want to get involved with the chocolate Easter celebrations, you mustn't let them. The smallest amount(a little egg, one or two squares) is dangerous. A small dose of theobromine will give them a very upset stomach.

3. A 200g egg could be fatal for a small dog.


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The risk of fatality depends on the quantity of chocolateeaten and the size of your dog. For example, a dog weighing 6kg who consumes 200g of chocolate risks dying of chocolate poisoning. To learn whatthe fatal ratio would be for your dog, you can use this toxicity calendar.

4. Some breeds are more sensitive to it than others.

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Not all dog breeds are the same when it comes to the dangers of chocolate. Breeds like Pugs, Boxers andBulldogs are more sensitive to the toxintheobromine. These types of dogs are also more predisposed to heart problems and respiratory problems.

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We hope you now understand that under no circumstance should you let your dog anywhere near the chocolate eggs and bunnies on Easter Sunday. Make sure they are well out of their reach.And in case your dog does manage to get his paws on the chocolate and ingests a dangerous amount, you need to take them straight to the vet. It is a matter of urgency.Despite that, we hope you have a very happy Easter!