4 Simple Steps To Teach Your Dog The Command To Sit


Finally! This step-by-step guide will ensure your dog properly knows how to sit. And trust us, it's not hard. The command to sit is fundamental for starting to train your dog to be obedient.And it only takes 4 simple steps. Remember to always be positive, enthusiastic and patient withyour dog and they will be more inclined to take part inyour training exercises!

1. Pick a yummy food reward

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To get your dog interested in learning how to sit, begin by choosing the perfect little treat to lure them in. At the start, it is best to use a treat as a reward, and then they will gradually become able to do it without. Does your pup go nuts for chicken? Does he adore rosemary kibble? Whatever it is they go crazy for, use it.

2. Lure them in


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Now that you have chosen the reward treat, show it to them in your hand, without giving it to them. Let them sniff it and then slowly raise your hand holding the treat over and behind their head. This should automatically make them sit down.

Once their bottom is on the ground, give them the treat. They may be overexcited and not get it at first, but be patient, it will come.

3. Use a hand gesture


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Once you have mastered the second step, it's time to add in a hand cue so that the dog associates your hand gesture with the action of sitting... and the reward. Keep practising with the hand gesture and try using it without a treat in your hand, but then give it to him after.

4. Add a vocal cue


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Once you and your dog have got familiar with the hand gesture, it's time to add the final touch - saying 'sit' during the command. This vocal association adds another cue so your dog knows what it is you expect of him. And then comes the treat!


If your dog loses interest, don't push them too hard to practise for long periods of time. Just a few minutes practise a day is enough to keep them enthusiastic about the training process. Positive reinforcement is key!

Watch the video demonstration here:

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