38 Dead Animals, Including 28 Dogs, Discovered In The Home Of An Animal Protection Volunteer

This horrific piece of news has dumbfounded animal protectors in France. And it will soon shock the whole world.On 27th November, in a town called Milizac, in Britanny, France, the head of an animal protection charity calledLes Alfredesvisited a volunteer who was meant to be looking after a dog.What she found there was the last thing she had ever expected to see. 40 animal corpses.


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28 dogs, two cats, five rabbits, a goose and a chicken were all found there. All of them were dead and locked up in cages.The young womanis apparentlyin her twenties, and we know no more than her first name, Elodie. She hadoffered to become a foster motherfor a Staffordshire Terrier called Zeus,who cameinto the shelter last April.


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Klervie Talarmain, who runs the shelter homeLes Alfredes, told the French siteMetronews(translated):

She was very familiar with this breed of dog because she used to breed them in Milizac up until 2010. Everyone recommended her; so we took her onboard straight away.

Last August, Elodie took inZeus, a two-year-old American Staffy who had been abandoned by his previous humans. Two months later, in October 2015, whenKlervie Talarmain asked her if she could come visit the dog, Elodie pretended to be ill so as to avoid the appointment. "That can happen sometimes", said the head of the charity at the time.Suspicion arose when the young woman refused to let Talarmain visit for the second time, in mid-October:

She was always finding excuses. She cancelled every meeting. I could never go see the dog. It was a pile of lies. At first, I thought perhaps she had lost him.

So to find out what was going on, Klervie Talarmain decided to go to Elodie's house without warning on the 26th November. Barely through the door,she made the gruesome discovery ofZeus' corpse in a cage. Talarmainleft without seeing Elodie:

That morning, on the phone, she had told me that the dog was very well… I rang her back in the evening, without telling her about my sickening discovery... And she continued to lie, telling me that Zeus was doing well.

The president of the charitythen went back to Elodie's house, but this time she brought the police with her. It was then that they discovered the extent of all the dead animals, there were hoards of them lying lifeless in cages:

I never thought we would find that many dead animals there. There were dogs, cats, rabbits… They were all locked in cages on the ground, at the bottom of a well... It was clear some of them had died of thirst. Others died of hunger. We found the skeleton of a dog in a kennel who had eaten his basket and been scratching at the walls. It was absolutely horrific.

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The circumstances surrounding all of these deaths are still not clear. "Some of the dogs died of hunger locked in their cages, and the cats died of thirst", Talarmin explained.At the moment, Elodie and her parents whom she lived with are all still in custody. No one knows how on earth this"psychologically fragile" woman could have committed such heinous crimes.The charity "Les Alfredes", along with a lot of other animal protection associations, have voiced their outrage at this act of barbarity.An investigation is already underway in the Brest Police Department for"acts of animal cruelty and neglect".The young woman could be sentenced for up to two years in jail, with a fine to pay of ‚ā¨30,000 ($32,500).We will keep you informed once we know more.

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