30,000 Dogs Will Soon Be Ruthlessly Slaughtered For Consumption In This Part Of India


After the horrifying Yulin festival in China and even more recently, Bok Nal in South Korea, it's India's turn in the spotlight forthe dog meat trade.Though nobody talks about it, it is believed that 30,000 dogs are cruelly slaughtered in India every year for human consumption, despite the factthis practice is forbidden in the country. Some Indian states, such as Nagaland, consume relatively large quantities of dog meat, where it is considered a local speciality.


Source : @Dailymail

There are many animal rights groups currently campaigning to make the dog meat trade illegal, withthe hope of putting an end to the inhumane treatment of these dogs.The NGO Humane Society Internationalhas recently published a series of chilling videosshowing how dogs - most of which have been stolen from their owners - are stored up until the moment they are ruthlessly slaughtered.

Source : @Dailymail

In these images, taken in the city of Kohima, their muzzles are gagged shut to stop them from barking, and they are then crammed into huge sacks while they await being beaten to death with clubs. Some dogs are subjected tohours watchingthe slaughter of their fellow prisoners, before they are themselves murdered.NG Jayasimha, director of the Humane Society International in India, describes the scenesasamongst "the most inhumane animal treatment" he has ever seen. The terrified, hopeless looks of the dogs haunt him to this day.

Source : @Dailymail

The animal rights organisation wrote to the Nagaland authorities, demanding that emergency measures be put in place to completely eradicate the trade and consumption of dog meat. Though the latter is officially forbidden in India, the rules are much more vague in some states tothe east of the country.According to the Times of India, dog meat remains popular here for the nutritional qualities it is supposed to carry.NG Jayasimha concludes:

This only reiterates the urgent need to make the Indian government introduce more effective measures to protect dogs from cruel slaughter, for which their murderers risk only a small fine. 

Nagaland authorities are supposedly working on developing and enforcing new policies in the area which would allow them to effectively ban dog meat. However, the Municipal Affairs Department (MAD) has not yet put any concrete measure into place.


You can join the fight against this disgraceful horror by signing the Humane Society International's online petition.