30 Greyhounds Were Just Found In An Empty Lot, Too Weak To Stand Upright

More than 30 greyhounds (26 adults and six puppies) were discovered at the beginning of February, in a vacant lot located in the Aude region of the south of France.


Source: Facebook/ASEMA

ASEMA(Animal Abuse Investigative Service Association) was alerted by a nearby resident who reported having seen a number of canines straying near his property in an alarmingly thin state.After rushing over, the association discovered a horrifying spectacle: certain dogs were skin and bones and were so weak, they couldn't even walk or stand.


Source: Facebook/ASEMA

The greyhounds were immediately taken into custody and sent to multiple shelters in the South of France while an investigation was opened. A charge of mistreatmentwas filed against the owner of the land.


Source: Facebook/ASEMA

You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.

H/t: 20 Minutes

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