3 Years And 4000 Km Later, German Shepherd Reunited With His Family

Andrea A.

Despite three years of separation, Rico never forgot his adoptive family. Last May, he travelled across the United States to find them.

Andréa Arce finally received the call that she never thought would come. It had been three years since her faithful German Shepherd Rico had been taken far away from her following a difficult divorce.

Three years of unsucessful searching went by. Although any trace of her dog was seemingly lost forever, last week she received a call from a shelter in the state of Virginia, at the other end of the country.

A German Shepherd had been found wandering in the streets. His chip confirmed that it was indeed Rico. The German Shepherd roaming the streets was more than 400km from his home.


With the help of volunteers from the refuge, Andrea A. immediately booked the next flight for Rico to be able to come home. It was Saturday night. Andrea A. hid her excitement and took her two daughters aged 6 and 8 to the airport without telling them about the surprise passenger.

Imagine how surprised and happy the two girls would have been when they found out about their beloved dog! Despite how tired he was from the flight (Rico had essentially travelled all the way across the United States), he howled with excitement when he caught sight of them.


Neither the passing of the years nor the distance had erased the memory of Andrea A. and her two young girls. Visibly healthy, almost as if he had only just gone missing the day before, Rico leapt into the arms of the familly who had adopted him six years earlier. This then turned into cuddles, that were three years overdue.

“We have never forgotten him and he has never forgotten us.”

“It’s the bond that we have built during the first three years of his life”, explained Andréa Arce to the American channel Fox 5.

Three years and 4000 km later, Rico is finally back home. For good.

Watch the entire reunion here: