3 Tips If Your Cat Is Shedding Lots Of Fur, It Could Be Something Serious


Living with cats is just heavenly, especially when they give you cuddles. Although we have to admit it's less fun when you find their fur everywhere, ew, hairballs.Although moultingis part of a cat's natural process, if they are shedding a lot, it may be something more serious. Follow our advice here to know if your cat's shedding is healthy or not.


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If your cat is starting to get bald patches from shedding so much fur, consult your vet for further investigation.Here are our 3 tips:

1. Regular grooming.


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Brush your cat for five to ten minutes at least once a week to manage shedding. If your cat has long hair or sheds heavily, you may need to brush it once every two to three days or more.Find a suitable brush depending on your cat's fur.Look out for any signs of severe hair loss when doing your weekly groom.

2. Flea-control treatment.


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If your cat is scratching vigorously (and thus perhaps shedding more), it could be the result of fleas or parasites.If you find fleas, ask your veterinarian to help you choose a flea-control product.If you’re unable to trace the source of the itching, take your cat to the vet, it could be something more serious.

3. Go to the vet.


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If you're still concerned about your cat's moulting, then go to the vet. Your vet will be able to give you the best diagnosis and solution. Either way, this "natural process" should not be taken lightly, it might be more than that. It could be allergies, a symptom of diabetes, or something worse.NB. Cats shed more when stressed, which can happen after a major change such as a move or the arrival or a new human or pet in the house. The period of stress is often temporary, but using a calming cat pheromone diffuser can help reduce your cat’s stress.

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