3-Legged Dog Adopted By Paramedic Team Has The Best New Family

Andrea A.

When Courtney Ivan, a young paramedic atElite EMS, responded to a call about a deceased man in Pennsylvania, she did not expect to find an old dog in danger, reportsThe Dodo.


Source : Elite EMS

The firemen warned her about the dog's presence, who, according to them, was unapproachable. The Australian cattle dog, who had belonged to the deceased man, did not seem badly traumatized, besides the obvious lack of care and food. Courtney said:

She was very friendly.She let us pet her, touch her and hug her. She followed us around the whole time we were there.

Source : Elite EMS

Unfortunately, the pup's destiny seemed rather dark. Her former owner's family had no idea about her and would not be able to take her in, wanting to have her euthanized that same day. Courtney, who is also a volunteer at theHumane Society of Mercer County, immediately offered to take care of the pup, whom she called Hope.


Source : Elite EMS

As soon as she went back to the Elite EMS headquarters, the other team members fell in love with Hope. Their team mascot, a rescue dog called Humphrey, was already living there, but it seemed out of the question to let Hope go. Courtney explained:

The first night, the crew was lying on the floor with her, trying to build trust.I came back after my 24-hour shift at another station, and there were matching dog beds for her and Humphrey, and toys and treats. They were amazing with her.

Source : Elite EMS

Another great relief for Courtney was that the two pups immediately got along famously. But Hope needed a lot of care - one of her shoulders was dislocated, and after a veterinary check-up, other complicationsarose. One of her elbows had been fractured multiple times and she could not walk on that paw. The vet confirmed that Hope had definitely been abused in her past.


Source : Elite EMS

Despite their best efforts, the pup's leg had to be amputated. But nothing could stop her lust for life, and she recovered quickly after the operation. Humphrey was overjoyed to have her back, too.


Source : Elite EMS

The two dogs are the "kings of the station", Courtney joked. Contrary to what the firemen had told her on that first day she met Hope, the dog loves humans and gets sad when she is alone. She is a great ambassador for her name and never gave up hope... Not when her owner died, and not when her leg was amputated. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets.


Source : Elite EMS

Courtney concluded:

Hope is amazing. I could go on about her all day long, everyday. She's awesome.

Source : Elite EMS

H/t: The Dodo