3 Easy Ways To Create Harmony At Home Between Your Child And Your Dog


If you are both parent and dog parent, you will know that life can get a bit complicated.In an ideal world, your pup and your kids would be best friends! Unfortunately, it's not always as simple as that.In fact,it's important to set out some ground rules. Educate your kids with some simple tips to help establish the right balance in your household. Don't let your dog be the boss of your kids!


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1. Make sure you child respects your dog's sleeping habits

If your dogcurls upin one of the family rooms, your kids are allowed to disturb him. Your pup has chosento join the family, so if your child goes up to pet him, that's okay.


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On the other hand, when your dog is sleeping in his own bed, explain to your kids that it's just like them in their own bed: he should not be disturbed. For a life of harmony, your kid shouldn't bother a sleeping dog on any account.


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2. Your child decides when petting begins and ends

Though it's tempting for kids to respond to their dog's every demand, this is not good practice. If they give in to his wishes every time, thedog will become the master!


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For good dog behaviour, it should always be up to your child to saywhen the petting begins and when it ends.And another thing. Though your kids may not be very big yet, it's important that they are always positioned above the pooch. Make sure your kids know how to stop the dog from climbing all over them.


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3. Maintain good table manners

Of course, your beloved pup is part of the family. But at mealtimes, it is essential that he obey some rules. Above all, do not let your kids feed their food to the dog!


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That doesn't mean that your pup should be completely excluded from the meal - it is perfectly fine for your dog to be in the room observing.When it is finally time for your pup to eat, your kids canhelp to create the routine.Let them put thefood down, and then invite the dog to come and eat. Your child should always be in charge.


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By following these simple rules, you can ensure that life with a pet and a child is as harmonious as possible.Once the guidelines have been established, you are set for a happy life together!