3 Blind Kittens Rejected Again And Again Finally Find Love

Here they are - Blue and his twin sisters, Meadow and Little Willow. These three blind cats were adopted in the beginning of summer 2015 by Dubai resident and animal lover, Catherine Magno.


Source : @ThreeBlindCats

This was a welcome change, as the trio had had a difficult life. In December 2014, the siblings ended up completely abandoned, left to their own devices in a warehouse in Dubai.

At the time of their rescue, they were suffering from coryza, a particularly aggressive infection that affects cats. Their previous owner carelessly let them fall ill, neglecting to take proper care of them.

Despite emergency procedures, the veterinary team in charge was unable to save their eyes: the infection had spread too far and Meadow, Blue and Little Willow sadly had to learn to live without their sight.


Source : @ThreeBlindCats

But the nightmare came to an end and the kitties just escaped a horrid death. After that, they were put in the care of an association that went out of its way to find them a loving home.

Once back on their feet, the siblings were sent to two different foster families. But Blue, the young male, couldn't handle being so far away from his sisters and started to show worrying signs of stress and agitation.

The two foster families then agreed that Blue should be reunited with Meadow and Little Willow. It was in this home that Catherine Magno met them for the first time.


Source : @ThreeBlindCats

She immediately fell in love with this infinitely tender trio. Even though she had just adopted another cat, she decided to go for it and open her cosy home to these three blind kitties.

The young woman told Bored Panda :

Their story touched me deeply. I couldn't tolerate the idea of them being locked in a cage in some shelter, or worse.


Source : @ThreeBlindCats

In the beginning Catherine was worried: how would she be able to take care of cats with such specific needs? Would they be happy in their new environment? Would they get along with her other cat?

But luckily, her fears soon vanished:

My only adjustment after their arrival was to remember to leave everything in the same place. They orientated themselves astonishingly well.


Source : @ThreeBlindCats

With their vision taken away, the cats now had to count on their other senses, especially their incredible memory, to get their bearings.

Everything worked out for the best. Blue, Meadow and Little Willow are best friends with the other cat in their new home and together they make the happiest of families. Irresistible...


Source : @ThreeBlindCats

For the past year that Catherine Magno has been sharing her life with these three special companions and she's still taking in new, outcast kitties. After every introduction the trio immediately adopts the newest member of the family...


Source : @ThreeBlindCats

With her home full to the brim, the young woman wants to encourage everyone to throw caution and stereotypes to the wind, and to dare to adopt disadvantaged or troubled animals. They could usually do with the most love and care.

"And it's true what they say about blind pets - they see through their hearts", concludes the young woman.

Go ahead and follow the trio's adventures on their dedicated Facebook page.

H/t: @BoredPanda

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