27 Dogs Trapped In A Tiny, Refuse Filled Lot Learning How To Trust Again

Twenty-seven dogs were found living in shocking conditions in Champgazon, a town in central France, in September 2016.


Source: 30 Million d'Amis

The mother and son who owned the property left the dogs to their own devices without paying the slightest attention to their well-being. They were not spayed or neutered, vaccinated, or even given names. Many of them gave birth to inbred puppies.Half of the animals had been living outside without shelter in just 500 square feet of space, and the other half had been shut inside the house. The neglect was evident in their long, un-clipped nails and behavioral issues.


Source: 30 Million d'Amis

Thankfully, the French organization "30 Million d'Amis," or "30 Million Friends" in English, stepped in to rescue the dogs from their horrible living conditions.They are a foundation that fights for animal rights and welfare all over the country.The volunteers were horrified at seeing the animals among excrement and garbage.Amélia Tarzi, one of the rescuers, described her first reaction in a video posted on the site.

"When I arrived, I was first of all struck by the misery of the place."

She admits that the animals were in general very frightened and were unused to human contact. They chose to involve as few people as possible in the rescue to avoid scaring them off.


Source: 30 Millions d'Amis

The foundation is working on teaching the dogs proper behavior and rebuilding their confidence in humans so they can find their forever homes.Five animal protection agencies in the region have banded together to take in all of the rescued pups and make sure that the rest of their lives are with a loving, attentive family.To see the full video:

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H/T: 30 Million d'Amis