2 Abused Labradors Saved By 30 Millions d'Amis In France

Andrea A.

Two Labradors were saved at the beginning of December by French animal rescue group 30 Millions d'Amis. The dogs, a male aged five and a female aged three, were found shut in a basement in Frireulle, a small village in the Somme region of France.Unable to escape, they were living in their own waste, sleeping on a wet towel in darkness only broken by a weak light bulb.

Source: Lydie Bizet

Lydie Bizet, director of the shelter where the two were taken, told France 3:

When I went into the basement, I thought that the two dogs were dead; there was no response from them. The female finally got up and came towards me. I was shocked by how thin she was. The dogs were clearly underfed, practically skeletons.  

Source: Lydie Bizet

Lydie gave them some kibble, which the pair wolfed down, absolutely famished. The poor animals, covered in fleas, had scratches all over their bodies.Named Rex and Zoé by their rescuers, the Labradors were taken straight to the vet, before being sent to recover at an animal hospital two days later. Lydie Bizet continued:

It's unthinkable to imagine how they got to this point. I honestly don't understand what their owner was thinking. The worst thing is that she said that she had given them food and was caring for them.

Source: Lydie Bizet

Luckily, they have already started to put on weight and have proved to be adorable, friendly companions despite their terrible experiences with humans. 30 Millions d'Amis has reported the owner to the authorities.

H/t: France 3

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