19 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Cavalier King Charles

Andrea A.

We've never understood why theCavalier King Charles Spaniel is such a popular breed. For us, their flat head and long ears just lead to nightmares.Let's not get started on those fringes... Whatever colour their coat, be warned. Black and tan, solid red, with or without brown spots, multi-coloured... Never let them scare you and certainly don't let them try and win you over.Even if they look at you with those puppy eyes.Adopting aCavalier King Charles is always a terrible idea. Here's proof in 19 photos.

1. From day one, they are desperate to terrify you.


Source : @Pinsit

2. A mob of Cavalier King Charles puppies. Run for your life !


Source : @zoeybrunoandoliver

3. Look how lethal they are.


Source : @YouTube

4. The fights between Cavalier King Charles' are extremely gory. 


Source : @ThePetCollective

5. This is their famous corner gaze. Their classic trick to make us let our guard down. 


Source : @ClaudiaGil

6. Another form : gazing up at you. The wet ears help too.


Source : @Pikabu

7. They stop at nothing to try and melt our hearts.


Source : @EliezerOmar

8. Employing all their gross features : that nose, the tongue and ears...


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9. But also any other animal that they no doubt have in the palm of their hands.


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10. What's more, any animal to cross paths with them is in grave danger. 


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11. Warning : if a gang of Cavalier King Charles' knock at your, stay inside.


Source : @zoeybrunoandoliver

12. Because if you're unfortunate enough to let them in... It's all over. 


Source : @zoeybrunoandoliver

13. Always on their guard, Cavalier King Charles are constantly waiting to jump at your throats.


Source : @zoeybrunoandoliver

14. They know all the clever hiding places and carefully prepare their ambushes.


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15. Their form of attack goes in 3 stages. First they drag you in with some cute pose.


Source : @Fotki

16. Then they let you get close to them, sniff you up and down... 


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17. And then suddenly they pounce !


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18. You have been warned, and you know never to succumb to that muzzle.


Source : @MyDogRiley

19. In any case, Cavalier King Charles' want nothing to do with us. They'll never adapt to the human world.


Source : @HurricanedogsPssst ! If you completely disagree with this and you are a truelover of Cavalier King Charles', you can find a host of like-minded peopleon this Facebook group:)

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