18 Celebs Who Are Obsessed With Their Pit Bulls


Pit bulls often get a bad rap. They are such controversial pets that entire cities are trying to ban them all together. Thankfully, this misunderstood breed has some star power in their corner. Here are 19 celebs showing that pitties deserve just as much love as the others.

1. Jessica Biel


Source: Jessica Biel

Jessicahas a beloved pit named Tina. For a while she used to share weekly updates with the hashtag #TuesdaysWithTina, she hasn't posted an update with her since 2015 on Instagram. Can we sign a petition or something to bring it back?

2. Jon Stewart


Source: The Daily Mail

Jon Stewart is well-known as being a huge canine supporter. He has two rescued pit bulls of his own, and The Daily Show was known as a dog friendly workplace. Many employees brought their dogs to work.

3. Rachael Ray


Source: Nutrish

The cooking queen has a sweet pup named Isaboo who is like her child. Ray also started a line of dog food called Nutrish to benefit shelter pets.

4. Norman Reedus


Source: Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead star has a beautiful pit bull who he likes to hang out with when he's not fighting zombies. Reedus even tried to convince producers to give his character a dog, but thankfully they said no because we don't think we could handle anything happening to him even on the show.

5. Kaley Cuoco


Source: Kaley Cuoco

She is a huge advocate for pit bulls. Cuoco posts frequently about her three rescue pitties: Loretta, Norm and Shirley. She even made a video for Angel City Pit Bulls talking about her own experience with the breed.

6. Jessica Alba


Source: Modern Dog Magazine

The actress has a beautiful white dog named Bowie (after the singer David Bowie). He is one lucky pooch as Alba bought a house specifically for her dogs in mind. He even has his very own bunk bed!

7. Channing Tatum


Source: The Daily Mail

TheMagic Mikestar has a pit bull mix named Lulu with his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum. The adorable pup is a rescue from a shelter in Alabama.

8. Liam Hemsworth


Source: Liam Hemsworth

We know that his fiance, Miley Cyrus, is a huge dog fan, but Hemsworth has his own lovable canine companion. Tani is just the cutest!

9. Jennifer Aniston


Source: Ellen Show

Sophie, Aniston's pup, is a pit bull mix that she rescued in 2012 with her now husband, Justin Theroux.

10. Alicia Silverstone


Source: The Kind Life

TheClueless diva is a big animal rights activist and vegan. She has a pit bull named Butterfly (nicknamed "the pig"). She has advocated for the misunderstood animal for many years.

11. Sophia Bush


Source: Sophia Bush

Her pups Griffin and Penny are both pit rescues. Sadly, she lost her third pit, Patch earlier this year. She adopted Griffin from a litter of eight puppies who were scheduled to be euthanized, but were saved thanks to Wags and Walks.

12. Gisele and Tom Brady


Source: Gisele Bundchen

Lua is a super model in the making just like her power couple parents. She starred in an UGG boot campaign with her dad for the 2014 men's collection.

13. Josh Hutcherson


Source: Josh Hutcherson

TheHunger Games star adopted an injured puppy from a shelter in 2012. The pooch named Driver had been sitting in a shelter with a broken leg for 11 days before Hutcherson came to his rescue.

14. Lake Bell


Source: People Magazine

The actress celebrated her wedding to tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, by including her two pit rescues, Texas and Margaret, as "dogs of honor."

15. Kevin Bacon


Source: Kevin Bacon

TheFootloose actor is a spokesman and pit bull ambassador. Him and his wife, fellow actress Kyra Sedgewick, are active in trying to break down harmful stereotypes. One look at their pit, Lily, and it's pretty easy to do.

16. Adrian Grenier

Source: Getty Images

The actor posed with his pup in his home in 2007 to raise awareness for pit bulls everywhere.

17. Katherine Heigl


Source: Katherine Heigl

Heigl is a true hero for dogs everywhere. The actress has eight dogs of her own, one of which is a puppy that she rescued from a shelter that had been used for bait in dog fights.

18. Rachel Bilson


Source: BarkPost

She may have to share custody with her ex Adam Brody, but it's worth it for this adorable face! The pup, Penny Lane, was a gift from her former fiance.

H/t: Bark Post

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