17 Reasons Why Getting A Dog Is The Best Thing You'll Ever Do


Who doesn't love dogs? Always happy and forever loyal, there's a good reason why they're called 'man's best friend'. But a dog can bring much, much more to your life than just friendship. Find out how below!

1. Dogs are the best comedians. Could a human make you laugh this hard? Didn't think so.

Source: thegrogman

2. They're the best sleepover buddies as they can be a pillow AND a blanket

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3. A dog is your own personal trainer, keeping you fit

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4. Who needs a hoover when you have a dog?


5. Dogs can replace all sorts of appliances, from alarm clocks...

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6. house alarms. If something is wrong, you will know about it

Source: Mgreen_2/Twitter

New people? Bad. Birds outside? Bad. Fireworks? VERY, VERY BAD.

7. Dogs are perfect therapists

Source: courtroomdogs

Spending time with dogs has been proven to lower anxiety and blood pressure.

8. The most studious of study buddies

Source: turdcaroline/Twitter

9. The cutest entertainers

10. And shrewd landscape gardeners

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11. Anyone with a dog on their dating profile knows that they are fantastic match makers

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12. Does your dog fetch the paper? You've got yourself a housekeeper

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13. Their fur is pretty absorbent if you need a quick cry

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14. They make fur-bulous fashion designers

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15. Dogs immediately make your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat at least 100 times better

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16. They make you feel so loved and important - who else would meet you like this after a long day at work?


17. And finally, they really give you a new perspective on life - their smiles can make the worst day so much better

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