17 Reasons To Never, EVER Adopt A Corgi


Corgis, whose name means 'dwarf dog' in Welsh, come from Wales in the U.K. They are a very popular breed, well known for their short legs, and were originally cattle dogs on farms. Their height meant that they could easily nip at other animals' legs and ankles to keep them moving... A technique that some of their pet descendants still have today.If that doesn't convince you not to adopt one of these little monsters, then here's a list of reasons to help you make up your mind.

1. Corgis are the Queen of England's favorite dog. They know this and demand to be treated like royalty

Source: Annie Liebovitz

2. They know exactly what to do to have your attention all the time

Source: theloveaffair/Reddit

3. Then they'll steal your place on the sofa when you try to relax

Source: chiwako_gi.komachi/Instagram

4. Say goodbye to your lovely garden if you decide to get a Corgi

Source: afriknboulos/reddit

5. Thy have a natural hatred of plants, especially if they're indoors

Source: turbothewelshcorgi/Instagram

6. Legend says that they came from the fairies. And like the fair folk, they are very, very proud of their mischief 

Source: DonutPlains/Reddit

7. They love fashion and like to change their outfits at least twice a day. Make sure you budget for their clothing habit

Source: pbndjam/Reddit

8. Pajamas are their favorite clothes and you will not be able to convince them to wear something fancier, even to formal events

Source: drewbertcorgi

9. Masters of disguise (one of their fairy powers), they can perfectly mimic a loaf of bread

Source: student12543/Reddit

10. They will use this power to get close to, then steal your food

Source: laxbabe2121/Reddit

11. Some Corgis might eat so much that they'll eventually be able to overpower you just by sitting on you

Source: noahthechubbycorgi/Instagram

12. Others just want to get the perfect bubble butt

Source: mswhateven/Reddit

13. Corgis are very smart and will try to steal your job at any opportunity

Source: corgi.insta.forever/Instagram

14. The fairies also gave them the gift of super-sneakiness. They use this to hide and jump out at you, because they enjoy your fear

Source: emwng/Instagram

15. Then again, some aren't very smart at all. Some of them can't even catch a ball right

Source: peteehibs/Reddit

16. Really, believe us, adopting a Corgi is a TERRIBLE idea

Source: maurice-corgsworth/Reddit

17. Even Stephen King knows that Corgis are demons. And he really knows his demons

Source: Reddit

If you do decide that you want a Corgi, see if you can find one in a shelter before deciding to buy. You can find purebred dogs in shelters just like any other!If you want to get a Corgi puppy, make sure that you don’t support the abusive puppy mill and backyard breeder industry by getting your new family member through a trusted breeder. Ethical breeders will want to meet you several times before they sell you a puppy, will let you see the puppy with their mom, brothers and sisters and will raise their dogs in a home environment.

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