17 Adorable Pictures Of Animals Frolicking In The Snow


There's snow time like when it snows! Excited, amused or disgusted, everyone has their own opinion when it comes to this strange, white powder and it turns out animals are no different and we have the pictures to prove it! Prepare for cuteness overload as these fluffy furballs navigate the treacherous world of snow...

1. Check out this adorable pup's first snow day!

Source: Reddit. morgasmic

2. Humannnnn, what is this strange substance?!


3. This baby polar bear clearly approves.

Source: Soren Koch

4. Talk about a perfectly timed photo! Look at that face!

Source: Reddit. rcinferno

5. Look at those whiskers!

Source: Reddit. please.agree

6. How cute is this Frenchie's first time in the snow?!

Source: SwantonMom

7. Spot the doggo...

Source: Reddit. timewithtascha

8. It's a resounding "nope" from this German Shepherd.

Source: Reddit. Mexispan

9. This elephant on the other hand can't get enough!

Source: The Oregonian

10. There's more, and over there, and over there!!

Source: ArkadiusBear


Source: Reddit. loopy_leia

12. It's someone's first time seeing snow...

Source: Reddit. datalorre

13. This cat is clearly looking forward to going out in the snow...

Source: PixelEffect

14. What a majestic floof!

Source: Reddit. dlheidemann

15. A very unamused doggo...

Source: Reddit. jpreston2005

16. How adorable is this husky pup?!

Source: Reddit. simplywolff

17. To finish off, here's a picture of this precious lil pooch bounding through the snow!

Source: Reddit

H/t: Bored Panda

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